Tuesday, 14 April 2015

35 WTF Thoughts You Had While Watching: "Gotham"

Season 1, Episode 19: “Beasts of Prey”


•Who are these people? Whose helicopter is that? What is this show about? I don't remember anything it's been so long.

•Fish's nails are immaculate and new, which means she has a manicurist in the Dollhouse. Consistent.

•She goes outside and meets "The Catcher" and his roguish troupe of handsome people-killers, who will henceforth be referred to as Catcher and the Dollies. Coming soon to the Coachella main stage.

•"Usually the water does most of the work," says Catcher about Dollhouse escapees. What's in the water? Ice jellyfish? We're going with ice jellyfish.


•With Alfred laid out, Bruce is making his own sandwiches for the one-man cop parties he throws sometimes. I'm proud of Bruce, he's growing up. Learning new things. Like how to be a man and where the kitchen is.

•Anal retentive baby Bruce is like "please use a coaster," which is an amazing bat-detail.

•While live-watching we thought that Bruce's sandwiches had ridiculously thick bread and lo and behold, Bruce gets all insecure about his bread. Just buy pre-sliced, buddy. Poors do it all the time.

•Bruce has no idea where bread comes from.

•Bruce is such a terrible liar, how is he going to be Batman? Jim is going to straight up ask him "are you the batman?" and grown up Bruce will be like "WHAT NO I MEAN ARE YOU THE BATMAN BECAUSE I'M NOT."

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