Friday, 17 April 2015

57 Things Twentysomethings Deserve A Gold Star For

Changing your bedsheets needs some recognition.

Ryan McVay / Thinkstock / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

1. Doing your laundry before you've run out of underwear.

2. Leaving a glass of water by your bed before a night out.

3. Going a whole day at work without napping in the toilets.

4. Going out for a meal without instagramming your food.

5. Calling your parents and telling them you love them.

6. Going to the supermarket.

7. Going to the supermarket and coming back with more than "buy one get one free" Jammie Dodgers and a box of cheap white wine.

8. Buying toilet roll before it's too late.

9. Changing out of your pyjamas on a Sunday.

10. Going to a party and not asking for the Wi-Fi password.

11. Deleting Tinder.

12. Checking your bank balance instead of pretending it doesn't exist.

13. Saying "one more episode" and it not being a massive lie.

14. Buying a gym membership.

15. Actually going to the gym.

16. Not counting cider as one of your five-a-day.

17. Seeing a Facebook photo of a former school friend's new baby and not smashing your laptop with a hammer.

18. Surviving until midday without the help of coffee.

19. Actually going through with plans with your friends instead of flaking out.

20. Turning down another drink because you have to pay rent.

21. Going on a first date and not fucking it up.

22. Actually getting a job.

23. Actually getting a job that doesn't completely suck and make you hate your life.

24. Giving up pizza for breakfast.

25. Changing your bedsheets more than once a year.

26. Going on a night out and not drunk texting your ex.

27. Ironing.

28. Making an entire meal without using the microwave.

29. Finally moving out of your parents' house.

30. Finally not relying on your parents' cash.

31. Making it to work on time every day for a week.

32. Turning up to work hungover and no one finding out.

33. Turning up to work still drunk and no one finding out.

34. Going a week without Facebook stalking your ex's new partner.

35. Being asked about your plans for the future without doing a murder.

36. Being genuinely happy when one of your friends succeeds in something, and not just feeling livid with jealousy.

37. Going out for a group meal and everyone putting in enough money to pay the bill.

38. Waking up from a night out without £40-worth of booze-stained card receipts.

39. Convincing your grandpa not to vote UKIP.

40. Having sex.

41. Having sex with someone you actually fancy.

42. Answering the phone - even when it's an unknown number.

43. Checking your voicemails.

44. Replying to a text on the day you received it.

45. Getting into a serious relationship and not running away to Yemen.

46. Lying awake in bed at night and not thinking about one of your many horrifically embarrassing teenage memories.

47. Registering for the doctors.

48. Going to the dentist.

49. Pouring your wine into a glass like a functioning human instead of drinking from the bottle.

50. Blocking the LadBible on Facebook.

51. Blocking the people you hate-follow on Twitter.

52. Turning off the TV and reading for pleasure.

53. Refilling the ice tray instead of putting it back with one half-filled cube in, like a dick.

54. Getting through an entire social gathering without using your phone.

55. Keeping your shitty flat tidy for more than a few days.

56. Wearing matching underwear.

57. Feeling like a goddamn real-life adult.

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